Faster than a New York Minute

When we launched in October 2012 on Facebook and Twitter, we never imagined how quickly our effort to network parents would catch fire. Boy, did it! Soon thereafter we joined Instagram, too. Now, we can be found on the major social networking sites that seem to be in use in our area.

However, we soon found that was not enough. We have so much more going on than 140 Twitter characters can allow and more than an Instagram picture can convey. We are growing fast and the need arose quicky to provide more information and a place where documents can call home; and the “real time” nature of social media only meant that documents would disappear faster than a New York Minute.

So, this blog is another tool for you. Call it our home base, if you will. We hope it meets the needs of our growing Olentangy Dyslexia Network family.

Oh, and you should know that WordPress and blogging is new to us, too. So if we link an incorrect link or post something that just does not look right then kindly let us know. But be kind. We are volunteers and we are in that “get to know you” part of the relationship with WordPress.

Thanks for visiting our page and check back often for updates!

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