On that Film…Is it Fit for Kids?

By that, of course, we’re talking about two things:

  1. Our first meeting and showing of “The Big Picture: Rethinking Dyslexia” film on January 16; and,
  2. The Olentangy Dyslexia Network (ODN).

Yes and yes.  Everything we have read about the film has praised this for being a positive movie.  In fact, here’s my take.  Some days when I’m in the weeds of dyslexia with my child, I could use a little ray of sunshine.  I’m sure my child could, too.  For as much I struggle with her dyslexia at times I have to remember that it is way worse for her.  Apparently, that’s what this movie provides: It shows more of the positive side of dyslexia.

On January 16, I’ll be viewing this film for the first time with my 9-year-old dyslexic daughter and her younger 7-year-old sister.  Maybe our house is different.  Every day our world is dyslexia.  We talk about it openly, we wear it with pride and we speak opening about how hard it is sometimes.  We own it entirely and for all it is.  That, we figure, is the best shot of harnessing dyslexia: By taking the offensive and defining it before it defines you.

So, for my child, I think it will be great for her to see it.  It will continue the discussions on dyslexia that we have always had and my hope is that it will provide her some comfort, just like the Olentangy Dyslexia Network will.

As for your child, well, we’ll always add the disclaimer that it’s your choice.  If you opt to have your child skip it, you can still bring them to all or part of the activities for children that will take place thanks to the OHS Service Club.  Think about it and consider what you think makes the most sense for your family and what you are ready for right now.  Also, do your due diligence and check out the attached film trailer and see what you think, too.

Now, as for #2 above, ODN is for kids just as much as it is for the adults.  We want our children to find a place of openness and acceptance.  More than that, we want them to see themselves for as awesome as they are and to become leaders in this network.

So, is it fit for kids?  All of it?  Yes, we think so.  Bring yours.  You’ll have plenty of company and there are new friendships to be had.  We look forward to yours.

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