Other “Big Picture” Screening Dates!

We’re still chillaxing (and jazzed) from the January 16 kickoff.  But, I didn’t want to delay in getting some things out to you.

First, did you miss the Olentangy showing of “The Big Picture: Rethinking Dyslexia” or want to catch it again?  You can do that.  While ODN does not own a copy of the film COBIDA does and they are hosting more screenings throughout central Ohio.

Check out these dates but do confirm before you go!

Second, mark your calendar for our February 20 meeting.  We booked Olentangy High School…um…but that was before we had 300 adults and 100 kids at our kickoff!  I think we will need a bigger space than our original request for the library there.  Just sayin’.

So, give us some time to work through another location–hopefully at the same site–and we’ll let you know ASAP.  Just book the night for now and plan to bring your child(ren)!

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