ODN, Olentangy Schools & Other Good Stuff

ODN is very proud of the cooperative relationship that we have fostered with the district.  Some have wondered how we have achieved this.  We’ll tell you.

First, even before initiating this network, we involved the district in with our earliest conversations.  Why?  Because having a cooperative relationship with the district for ODN as critical as the one we individually have when representing our children.  It will always be critical and we hold that relationship in the highest regard.

Second, we have a great school system and it’s not by accident or luck.  Olentangy continues to be a successful district because it values parents and is willing to take on some tough topics.   They continue to show ODN that our cause is important to them, too.

On behalf of ODN, we wish to offer a big “Thank you” to the entire district and Pupil Services Department.  In fact, they even asked that we share a message from them to you.  Gladly.  Here goes.

The Olentangy School District hopes that one of the very positive outcomes of the ODN will be an enhanced partnership between families and our schools.  We have and always will work to continually strengthen this partnership.

Many community resources were shared at the opening meeting, including ODN itself.  First and foremost, we want our families to view their schools as a resource as well.

If anyone has had a frustrating experience or has concerns, please initiate communication with your child’s school.  Contact the principal or the school psychologist or your child’s teacher.  Let them know that you are a part of the ODN and would like to open the lines of communication.  Parents and educators alike view themselves as advocates for children and it is up to us to work together.

Last, the district provided a great document which clarifies what happens to a child’s IEP and the differences between IDEA & ADA.  This is a great resource so check out the document below.

Have a nice, long weekend!

Differences Between High School and College copy

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