February Meeting: Change in Location!

Mark your calendar now for our February meeting.  It will still be held on February 20, 2013 at 6:30 p.m.  However, the location has changed to Heritage Elementary.

Heritage is located at 679 Lewis Center Road.  It’s on the same complex as Olentangy High School and Olentangy Shanahan Middle School.  In fact, it’s the new elementary school in the middle.

(Why the location change?  Well…we previously booked the OHS library…but that was before 300 adults and 100 children showed to our kickoff!  Also, unfortunately for us OHS has a tournament that night and needs the other common spaces.)

So, we had to quickly (and happily!) find a bigger location!

We’ll meet there in the commons.  Remember, these meetings are for kids, too, so bring your children.  Here’s a very brief overview for now:

  • Since it will be a first real meeting we will run through what ODN is and is not.
  • We’ll also tackle the top 2 or 3 themes from January’s kickoff meeting.  We know you need answers, clarification & conversation on these asap so we’ve blocked out a bit of time for that..
  • It’s still for the kids and we will have some separate activities for them (but not babysitting).

More details on the February meeting!  Have a great week!

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