Batter up! Here’s what’s ahead!

It’s the start of the professional baseball season so we couldn’t resist with the headline.  Coming up, however, we have things underway that are much better than pro baseball.

Here’s our lineup of speakers and meetings.  Remember, anyone is welcome to attend our meetings and especially kids.  They are already finding such great camaraderie and we are pretty excited about that!

April 17 Meeting (Our next meeting!)

  • Our featured presenter is Dr. Steven Guy, a pediatric neuropsychologist.  In his work, he clinically tests for dyslexia and any other learning differences.  He will talk about the difference between a clinical vs. district diagnosis, how to work with executive functions and ADD overlap.  He will cover so many of the items like this and more that were requested by ODN members.
  • We will also hold the first round of voting on the logos.  This first round means that the logo selected will move on to the computer design stage.  We will enlist some of our middle and high school ODN students to take the winning logo and computerize it.
  • When: April 17, 6:30 p.m., Heritage Elementary School (679 Lewis Center Road)

 May 15 Meeting

  • We are so excited about this one.  Matt Sauer, accommodation coordinator with the University of Cincinnati, will talk about what to expect in college.  What happens to that IEP, important things for parents to know about college and more.  This one holds great appeal for middle and high school parents and students.  Without a doubt elementary parents want to know what it looks like ahead, too.  Great for everyone.
  • When: May 15, 6:30 p.m., Shanahan Middle School (814 Shanahan Rd.) in the Team Room (note the different location due to building cleaning at Heritage)


These kids have great camaraderie!  Here, they are showing off their dyslexia bracelets. The bracelets are great but the kids are awesome!

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