Spring Cleaning & Fall College Planning

Our May 15 Meeting: Perfect for Fall Planning

In the meantime, mark your calendar for our May 15 meeting!  This one really going to be great and we hope the timing is right as some of you start to think ahead to those fall college visits.  Here’s why.

Matt Sauer, accommodation coordinator with the University of Cincinnati, will talk about what to expect in college.  What happens to that IEP, important things for parents to know about college and more.

This one holds great appeal for middle and high school parents and students.  Without a doubt elementary parents want to know what it looks like ahead, too.  Great for everyone.

When: May 15, 6:30 p.m., Shanahan Middle School (814 Shanahan Rd.) in the Team Room

Spring Cleaning: April Meeting Followup

Many thanks to all of you for a great turnout at our April meeting.  Dr. Steven Guy, a pediatric neuropsychologist, was our featured speaker. He clinically tests and diagnoses for dyslexia and any other learning differences.

Some of you were unable to attend so I’ve posted his handout at the bottom of this post.  Access all four of them for a complete presentation.

If for some reason you can’t download these then simply email ODN’s gmail at OlentangyDyslexiaNetwork  (We can’t list that address in entirety on our blog due to spamming but we know you can figure out the address from there.)


Thank you, Dr. Guy, for presenting to our awesome ODN parents!



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