May 15 Meeting: Dyslexia & the College Years!

Did you know that some colleges have entire departments dedicated to special needs and with expertise in helping our dyslexic children?

Yup.  That’s right.  Our next speaker is straight from the University of Cincinnati’s own Accommodations Department.

Dr. Matt Sauer, accommodation coordinator with the University of Cincinnati, will talk about what to expect in college.  What happens to your child’s IEP, important things for parents to know about college and more. Dr. Sauer has some pretty hefty credentials and is also chair of the Governor’s Council on People with Disabilities.

Pretty cool, right?  He’s a pretty big deal and he is coming here just for us. So, bring your questions and your child (if they are interested).  Even better, tell a friend and your child’s counselor.  This is a great program for everyone.

Below are two important things to know about this meeting:

  1. The location for this meeting is Shanahan Middle School (814 Shanahan Road) in the Team Room (not at Heritage Elementary).  Once you are on the middle school site, park near the entrance clearly marked “New Student Welcome Center” and enter through those doors. You will find the Team Room easily from there.
  2. Due to the middle school venue, we will NOT be able to offer a breakout session/activities for the kids.  If you need to or would like to bring your child then definitely feel free to do so.  They can either listen in or have some quiet downtime with their own technology.

Looking forward to seeing you all on May 15 at 6:30 p.m. at Shanahan Middle School in the Team Room!

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