Advocacy: A Care Package for Your Child’s Teacher

One thing that ODN recommends is that you sit down with your child’s teacher(s) in advance of the school year to inform them about dyslexia, your child’s dyslexia and to review your child’s IEP/504.  In fact, we have some items that will help you.

Why inform teachers?  Because even the best teachers in Ohio receive too little training on dyslexia. So, what this all means is that it is up to you to help provide information as a way to support  your child in the classroom and his teacher.

Here’s what you can do:

  1. Make an appointment with your child’s teacher in advance of the school year.  Contact your principal in advance to find out who your child’s teacher and reach out now to get something on the calendar.
  2. Bring brief, authoritative documents on dyslexia as a way to help educate your child’s teacher.  Don’t overwhelm them but do inform.  More information can always be provided later if necessary.
  3. During that meeting, review your child’s IEP/504.  Make sure everyone is on the same page.
  4. Have a conversation on homework.  How much time should a child in the class be spending on it each night?  Having that conversation and knowing expectations now will make it easier for all involved throughout the year.
  5. Consider bringing your child to that meeting and into the conversation.  It will give them more confidence in being an advocate.  This is something that our college speaker in May advocated for and as early as possible since students have to be very adept at this in college.  Start early.

Listed below are a few key documents to get you started with that meeting.  Just download these and distribute as you like.  The more we can inform and spread the word factually about dyslexia, the better for your child and all of our children.  See anything that we are missing that you like to take along to these meetings?  Let us know!  Also, visit IDA’s web site to find even more fact sheets and information beyond this (such as dysgraphia) that may be helpful to your child’s learning difference.

You can also feel free to share this link with your child’s teacher.  Most teachers in Olentangy do not know that we exist as a support network for parents and students or even know that we work in partnership with the schools much like a PTO or Booster group.  Help support all of our children by informing them and invite them to our meetings.  We welcome that and continue to try to reach our Olentangy teachers and staff!

August 21 ODN Meeting!

Good luck and mark your calendar for our first meeting of this next school year: August 21, 6:30 p.m. at Heritage Elementary in Lewis Center.  We will have our own curriculum night and hear straight from the district about their curriculum for our dyslexic students.

2 responses to “Advocacy: A Care Package for Your Child’s Teacher

  1. As an adult with dyslexia and a child with dyslexia I found out that the new generation assistive technology deducted for people with dyslexia works.

    The assistive technology we use at home, work, and school is Ghotit spell and grammar checker.

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