ODN Meets with State Superintendent

On Monday, ODN officers met with Dr. Richard Ross, Ohio’s state superintendent and top educational leader.  We were thrilled and very impressed with how engaged he was in our cause.  
Our conversation was focused around the Third Grade Reading Guarantee and how we can help identify kids earlier and get to them the appropriate scientific- and research-based services.  
Our conversation was framed by several key documents.  In starting the meeting, we discussed a bit of recent history (UA Letter of Findings) and noted that the blueprint exists for how to serve these kids.  The roadmap is there and now we all just need to follow it.  If you have not read it then we highly recommend it.
The main documents covered that framed the meeting include:
  • The Letter of Findings against Upper Arlington Schools from 2011.  We provided to Dr. Ross and several of his staff members that document.  Since this Letter of Findings, UA has done a fantastic job of putting the appropriate services in place.  All eyes are on them and they are leading the way in Ohio.   
  • A memo from ODN on what dyslexic kids need.  Basically, our recommendations reflect all that ODN and other experts have been saying and it mirrors the UA blueprint.  Early identification through testing of all K/1 students, scientific- and research-based services that are implemented with fidelity by certified instructors, accurate progress monitoring of students and training for those who administer it and more. 
ODN is pleased to have had this opportunity and we are proud to be a part of the cause to advocate for change for students. 

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