February 19 Meeting: How to Recognize a Valid Reading Program

How do you know that your child has a valid reading program? Do you know what to look for and how can you progress monitor it?

Come find out that and more as we host reading expert Shannon Jones.  Ms. Jones, from the Lindamood-Bell program, will discuss these topics and how the Lindamood-Bell program dives deeper and is one of the few that works well with other programs such as OG and Wilson.

Gasp!  “Mixing programs?”  Yes. Even true OG experts have said that they are eager to attend this program to learn more about because it offers more intensive work that some students need that cannot be offered through other programs.  So, you will see some of them there at our meeting.

We’re interested, are you?  Come join us on Wednesday, February 19 at 6:30 p.m. at Heritage Elementary in Lewis Center!

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