April 16 Meeting: What Happens to your Child’s IEP in College?

So what does happen with that IEP in college?

A lot and it’s important to know that answer now.

Dr. Matt Sauer, accommodations coordinator with the University of Cincinnati, will talk about what to expect in college, including what happens to your child’s IEP and how your child needs to prepare. Dr. Sauer is a repeat speaker and a crowd favorite.

  • When: April 16, 6:30 p.m.
  • Where: Heritage Elementary, 679 Lewis Center Road in Lewis Center

This is a perfect session for all IEP parents – parents of dyslexic children and all others – so please join us!  Oh, and remember our meetings are open to everyone, teachers and parents regardless of your school district.


One response to “April 16 Meeting: What Happens to your Child’s IEP in College?

  1. I was so glad I attended Matt Sauer’s presentation last year. He was incredibly entertaining but full of great info. I was shocked to find out that IEP kids can start taking steps in middle school towards scholarships. Invaluable information!!!!!!

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