January 21: Executive Functioning

“Executive function” skills are critical to success in school, work and life. Yet many students have difficulty with them and parents are not sure how to help.

Learn more about this and what you can do. Join ODN as welcome Julieann Ash. Ms. Ash is the founder of Midwest Educational Therapists & Associates.  She is an expert in executive functioning and one of the few individuals working directly in this field and with her level of expertise. Ms. Ash is the only Board Certified Educational Therapist in the state of Ohio.

ODN meetings are open to parents, educators and kids. We invite you to join us. More details are on our free mobile app.

When:      January 21, 6:30 p.m.

Where:     Heritage Elementary School in the cafeteria

**Please note that the originally schedule January topic has changed.   ODN’s January speaker had a family commitment and could not attend on this date.  

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