February 18: College Planning with “At the Core”

College has changed and so, too, has the workforce. Now, more than ever it is important that students heading to college target their career choice accurately and early so that they can head off the rising costs of college — especially for our dyslexic kids.

Join us for this, the first of our two-part sessions on college planning and transitioning for our dyslexic children. Parents will receive tips from local experts Beth Probst and Sheri Broadfoot from “At The Core.” They will discuss the application process, standardized tests, and how students can learn to focus on their strongest traits as they define their futures.

Be sure to mark your calendar now, for our second session on college planning. On March 18, Dr. Matt Sauer will make an encore appearance this year and will speak about what happens to your child’s IEP in college and how you can help prepare your child now. Dr. Sauer is accommodations coordinator with the University of Cincinnati and chair of the Governor’s Council on People with Disabilities.

ODN meetings are open to parents, educators and kids. We invite you to join us. 

When:      February 18, 6:30 p.m.

Where:     Heritage Elementary School in the cafeteria

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