ODN Meetings Resume in September!

Just like our kids, ODN is on summer break!

We are still around so if you need help in any way please do reach out. We will not, however, hold meetings during the summer. We resume with our regular third Wednesday of every month schedule starting in September.

Be sure to catch us then.  In the meantime, rest up and have a great summer!

2 responses to “ODN Meetings Resume in September!

  1. Kelley Shively

    I would like info on summer tutoring please.

    • Hi, Kelley. Try contacting Peg Hollenback (614.348.5909) or Jenna Kade (614.353.5755). Those are the tutors that many of us use. There are others, however, and they may be able to refer you on if they do not have openings.

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