September 16: It’s all About Math!

Difficulty learning math? You’re not alone!

Come learn about the Cognition and Brain Science of Math Learning

Nancy Krasa, co-author of Number Sense and Number Nonsense: Understanding the Challenges of Learning Math, will join us on September 16 to talk with us about math! Co-authors Dr. Nancy Krasa (clinical psychologist) and Sara Shunkwiler (middle school teacher) offer their expertise for an eye-opening exploration of how the brain works during the many complex facets of math learning.

This talk will introduce the audience to a few highlights of current research. In particular, Dr. Krasa will talk about what it means to have (or not have) “number sense.” She will also discuss mathematical language, its relationship to natural language, and the problems that children with language and reading disorders often encounter in classroom mathematics.

ODN meetings are open to parents, educators and kids. We invite you to join us. More details are on our free mobile app.

When:      September 16th, 6:30 p.m.

Where:     Heritage Elementary School in the cafeteria

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