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Sept. 18 Meeting: Dyslexia & Educating our Kids

Our next meeting is right around the corner! This month, we’ll hear from area expert Earl Oremus on dyslexia and what it takes to educate a dyslexic child.

Mr. Oremus is the headmaster of Marburn Academy, Central Ohio’s school that specializes in educating children with dyslexia and ADHD.

This is a perfect session for all levels of understanding reading difficulties and dyslexia — from the novice parent to the seasoned one.

Know someone with a struggling reader? This is a perfect session for them, too. Please reach out and invite them. That’s exactly why ODN was formed: To help other parents and kids.

Here’s a rundown of the topics that will be covered at the meeting:

  • What is dyslexia?
  • How does dyslexia affect learning to read, write and spell?
  • How do I find out if a reading, writing or spelling problem is caused by dyslexia?
  • If it is dyslexia, why does that matter and what can be done about it?
  • Why isn’t this information widely know and why isn’t the solution more available?

It’s a hefty agenda, right? Indeed. That means that we will be heading straight into it so that we can provide as much time as possible. There is just that much packed into this session!

Just a few more updates for you:

Board Members Selected, Still Accepting New Board Members

We elected officers (more below on that) , established at-large board leadership and approved bylaws for ODN at our August meeting. We know we missed some high school parents and invite you to participate on the board. If you are interested, please catch Carole Dorn-Bell after that meeting to let her know.

Board membership is open to any resident of Olentangy who has a child with dyslexia. Term is one-year. When possible, we will hold our board meetings immediately following our regular meetings.

Election of Officers, Board Members

Congratulations to the newly elected officers of ODN: Carole Dorn-Bell, President; Kristy Terry, Vice President, Mindy Patrick, Treasurer; Tanya Angel, Assistant Treasurer; Jenna Kade, Secretary. These officer positions are two-year terms.

Congratulations to the new board members: Leann Hartung, Chris Hoeppner, Beth Hummel, Carol Lipari and Tina Sebert. These board member positions are one-year terms.

Next Meeting of the ODN Board

Due to the length required for this September meeting, we will not hold a board meeting after the general meeting. The next board meeting will be after our October 16 meeting.

Kids, Kids, Kids!

Remember that kids are welcome to our meetings. They have a separate breakout session. Right now, the kids just enjoy being around each other and want to play, play, play!

Video Taping of Meetings

Our online presence is huge and we know many of you cannot attend our meetings for a variety of reasons. We are working on a way to tape our meetings. We attempted this at our last session and will try to do more when we have the resources. Right now, we are working on a way to do this in a consistent way. It is proving to be a more involved than we anticipated but we are committed to making it happen. Stay tuned!