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Things I Wish I Knew

I have to say, I’m really digging the National Center for Learning Disabilities (NCLD) web site. They have sent out a couple of tweets lately that really piqued my interest. I’d have to file these under, “Things I wish I knew” long ago.

I’m going to post them here because maybe they will help you. Especially if you are in that limbo-like state of “My child is having difficulty reading and I’m not sure what to do.” Been there. Hopefully, this helps bridge that. Their article is simply titled, “Should I Be Concerned?” I like it. Follow your gut.

There is also this article on, “If I suspect a Child has a Learning Disability” That seems to be another limbo area for parents. ODN recognizes this, too. In fact, we are working on what we are calling a “care package” for parents right now. After all, right now, these are the most frequent types of questions we get from parents.

Here’s more, such as “What is an IEP?” and “Tips for a Successful IEP Meeting.”

I could go on and on with linking to the NCLD site but I thought these represented a good start for someone who just does not know where to start. NCLD posts regularly to Twitter and posts great information. Consider following them if you are not already.

In the meantime, share with us. What are your favorite sites?