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November 20 Meeting: Simulation on What it’s Like to Be Dyslexic

You're invited!

Ever wonder what it is like to have a reading difficulty like dyslexia?  ODN is hosting a simulation on what it’s like to be dyslexic.  The simulation takes parents and educators through what it is like to try to read and perform language related tasks.

We welcome educators to this event and to ALL ODN meetings as a way to learn about dyslexia and partner with parents.  In fact, ODN would love to see a strong representation of Olentangy educators!

As a heads up, this is a very eye-opening simulation and it can be a very emotional one.  We do encourage you to bring your spouse and anyone who may be interested.  Also, be aware that we recommend that kids attend their regular breakout session outside of the room during this session.

When:           November 20, 6:30 p.m.

Where:           Heritage Elementary School in the cafeteria 

ODN to Continue Having Breakout Session for Kids

The ODN board met after the last meeting and reaffirmed that ODN should continue with the breakout sessions for children as-is.  The kids enjoy that time together and they all look forward to the meetings!

In addition, the board discussed the idea of inserting some meetings where we can combine the children with our meetings.  We will work on planning some of those events in the coming months!